January 25, 2023 - BY ADMIN

Handling Aggression

"Aggression is not necessarily a Harmful expression. Sometimes, aggression can be a sign of helplessness or hidden pain.  Don't confront aggression with aggression. Confront Aggression with neutral response till it calms down.  Then offer help!" 

Ashish Nagar NLP

Many a times we have to feel or face Anger and Aggression by our near ones or at our workplace. Many times, we face these even when we are in leisure or on vacation.  

Day in day out we come across aggressiveness. 

And how do we face it?  

Either we leave the person with aggression and avoid confrontation or we confront it with more aggression.  

In both the above-mentioned positions, the person has to just wait for the aggression to simmer down... Or he gets into vocal or substance abuse to handle it, if it's recurrent.  

If we understand that the aggression is a call for help of an unresolved issue within ourselves or the person showing it.  And that he needs help, which he is not able to express.  

If you could help calm down aggression and give security, you can Identify the helplessness; and if you help him with solution, you will do the kindest help to the person.  

So rather than avoiding or being aggressive against aggression try to extend a helping gesture!!  

Let me know your experience!!