Maheswar Behera

NLP Master Practitioner

Hi.. I am Maheswar Behera (Retired Bank Officer), 

NLP Performance Acceleration Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Reiki Master Healer, Transcendental Meditation Practitioner, Vipasana Practitioner.

 Born in a very humble family in a remote village of Odisha. I struggled much to complete my education &begin my carrier. During my middle age period I have faced a lot of challenges in my family life. I was questioning myself & the universe why I am suffering so much in my life though I have done nothing wrong . I was wondering many questions like, why one person is very happy and another person so sad. Why one person is very successful and another person is facing failure after failure? Why one person is full of faith and confidence another is anxious and fear full?  In search to find the answers of all such questions, I have listened to many spiritual masters but unable to find satisfactory answers.  After a lot of study I was convinced that all the answers are with in my mind. Though I have not done nothing wrong towards the society and harmed anybody. But I have self-sabotaged myself much with my negative thoughts, emotions, beliefs and hobbits. Latter I learned the miracle working power our subconscious mind that can transform us from confusion, misery, and failure to clarity, contentment and successful in life. It will solve our difficulties, sever us from emotional and physical bondage, and provide freedom, happiness, and peace of mind. I stared to transform myself and control my own mind. During my transformation period I have learned & practiced many meditative practices like Mindfulness, Vipasana ,TM and Silva Mind Control. The real change started when I learned NLP. That is why I have entered this coaching business to bring changes in the lives of people through NLP.

Vision - Mission


Make this a better world to live in by providing NLP and Mind education to young mass by developing a proper system /institution.


My mission is helping 100000 working professionals to live Productive, peaceful and prosperous life by making changes in their lives through NLP, Mindfulness & Meditation.

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