Pavan Sharma

NLP Wealth Coach

Hi!..I am Pavan Sharma, NLP Wealth Creation Coach. 

I am an engineer by profession and graduate in Engineering and post graduate in MBA finance. Working since 15 years as Customer relation manager. 

At Nexus we are here working to enhance the knowledge about money management and educate people to manage their money, so they can increase in their wealth, by that they could take charge of their money to fulfill their dreams come true by money management. During my studies was observed most people are trapped in their different habits and beliefs around money due to that they unable to build wealth. I am here to help you to guide and educate about how can take control of your money and enjoy the life and help you to provide financial freedom.

Vision - Mission


My vision towards this program is to accelerate the knowledge and awareness about money mastery so that peoples can shift from dependent stage to abundance level for their wealth and health and live an eternal life.


I am on the mission to spread knowledge about improving habits of peoples towards to manage money flow and get out form trapped of debt, and to achieve state of abundance and freedom for money.

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