Shilpa M Lohia

NLP Happiness Coach

Hi!.. I am Shilpa M Lohia, NLP Happiness Coach.

Having worked in various fields like Corporate  Training, Teaching, Designing, Occultism, Tarot Reading, Counselling, Numerology, Past Life Regression, Writing, Guiding, Coaching, Facilitating and working in various healing and spiritual modalities with creativity and passion , what nectar I explored was a missing piece - the True Happiness. Being an NLP'ier , I came to get a clear vision of my Niche i.e. Happiness , to my soul satisfaction Smile. I came to know why I was chasing and running after various dimensions, what I wanted to fill everybody's life with, that, they were not aware of - to add something and to deduct something  from. This search lead me to Building blocks of Happiness  -  the ultimate  key to the spectrum of life and The Great Formula of Happiness. A formula that is Universal , Magical Elixir that is the house of all the possibilities of the universe and Master Key to all the problems. During my learning lessons of life on my death bed, I always recalled a line , 'Tu Muskura Jahan Bhi Hai Tu Muskura ' - Keep Smiling at all the places that gave me energy and spirit to stand on my feet again. 

Smile , so many miles can be covered with a smile . No tax, No cost, No EMI, No expenses, No hidden charges, No liabilities.

So, with this , in my soul's desire , I , Shilpa M Lohia, cordially invite you on the journey of happiness . Thank you all, for being in the boarding! Thank you all for making me your chariot's coachwoman and choosing NLPCOACHINGNEXUS as your cart . Have a Happy Happy Happiness!

I am committed to shed layers of dust on the mind, body and soul. I am  passionate about flying in  the world of Happiness -  not only on lips but also smile in 60 trillion cells and 80 billion neurons too.

Vision - Mission


I have visualised a world of smiling faces with a positive mindset. Each one has a healing wand,  with magical and fulfilling quadrants of life. Each one having Elixir Potion and a Master Key of Happiness which melts all problems and opens hearts . A heart filled with lots of love, light, gratitude and blessings.


I am on a mission to create the butterfly effect of Happiness - the smile from inside out. To add a colour of Happiness in the rainbow of life. To prepare Happiness magnets. Ginnie - whose tag line is your wish is my command. Like said , " Don't chase marks ,chase knowledge." Similarly, " Don't chase needs and wants . Chase Happiness." Success, relationship, wealth , money are byproducts of Happiness frequency - the vibration.

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