Swaraj Singh Dhruv

NLP Gut Health Coach

HI, I'm Swaraj Singh Dhruv 

A Dedication to Mind-Gut Alignment.

Swaraj Singh Dhruv  is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Coach. He is working as a full time NLP Master coach since 2022.

He himself faced chronic gut related issue in his life. Which made him inquire about why this issue is so persistence in his life. This lead to him into journey of self healing in which he found mind is one of the most important aspect along with lifestyle part. He work on himself and started seeing benefit on himself. 

Purpose of entering in Coaching : I faced gut health issue Chronic constipation since my childhood which slowly  takes toll on my mental , emotional  health, self confidence as I grow up.

Due to this issues only thought which was going in my mind all the time was how can I come out of this issue. In my self healing journey I go through various books, courses and programmes learned  NLP for the primary purpose of healing myself . I also realized if this can work for me there are many more who are going through this that can help them too so ,I choose  coaching as a career.

I want to help people to heal their gut issue with the power of their mind-body and adopting to the lifestyle which supports healing.

Vision - Mission


I envision a world where people are living a healthy life - which is full of energy, enthusiasm and joy. 


I am on a mission to empower people to heal their gut with the power of mind and body without stress and going into hard ways.

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