NLP Coaching Nexus is a platform to help people and coaches to get to their Peak performances and empower mankind with the help of Revolutionary & Life Changing technology of NLP.
NLP was started by two scholars who studied success patterns of successful people and created a method off Modelling their strategies for universal success.
At the time when NLP was created, because of lack of information about the exact understanding about how NLP worked, it was deemed as a Pseudo-science and it's use was limited only as a 'Soft Skill' to be learned by corporates and business aspirants for business success.
52 years down the lane (1970-2022), with increasing body of research on how Mind can affect not only the body functioning, but it's influence on the environment and Life at par; the effectiveness of NLP, previously undermined, has gone far beyond the scope and vision of its founders and contributors.
Present body of evidence has expanded the Impact and Use of NLP Principles from being just an essential soft skill to a methodology of Quick, Practical and Exquisite "Art of Creating & Living" a Transformed and Fulfilled Life.
NLP Coaching Nexus targets to make this 'Transformational Technology ' available to Human Race in a structured & specialised way for helping people lead a Happy, Healthy, Successful, Fulfilled and Holistic Life. All this in a simplified, quick and practical way, making it usable to excel in transformational daily living.
Our Specialised Team of Coaches here at NLP Coaching Nexus, help and empower Individuals from all walks of life to achieve highest level of Personal Excellence while living the Life of their Dreams with Highest levels of Congruence, Calibration and Fulfillment.


How many times have you been enticed by the thought of a " Magic Wand" that just swirls in air with some magical words like "Abra-ca-dabra" and everything around turns into a wishful world... Or are you excited with the concept of having a "Ginnie" which just snaps fingers or on a blink of eye, Changes everything around...
If you have ever been allured by above thoughts, this only means that you aspire for a CHANGE.
A change from pain to pleasure, a change from sad to Happiness, a change from negative to positive, a change from Unresourcefull to Resourceful...
Neuro-linguistic Programming or NLP, as we would refer it henceforth on our site, is the most effective methodology that would help you create the Change... First within you and then around you... Leading you towards the life that you always Aspire and Dream about.
NLP Coaching Nexus utilizes the the principles of Neuro-linguistic Programming in helping you get the 'Change' you wished for & move towards the life you dream about.
Our expert coaches at NLP Coaching Nexus help you with a systematic approach towards solving your problem & create the transformation that would help you create Change in yourselves, leading to regain the control on your life & make your life a masterpiece.

Ashish Nagar,

NLP Transformation & Wellness Coach


We envision an army of trained NLP coaches, who help thousands of people apply NLP and overcome their day to day struggles, on their way from NLP Learning to Earning.


We are on a mission of making effective change in lives of people without stress with ease by teaching them application of principles of neurolinguistic programming in their day to day life.

How we work

How NLP  Coaching Nexus Works

Experience the Change

At NEW LIFE PATH, we help you go through the Change Work you need to Solve your Problems and Reach the Goal of your Life. Our Team of Coaches will help you reach your Desired Outcome sequentially and time tested methodology. see more...

Learn the Art of NLP

At NEW LIFE PATH, you will learn the Art & Science of NLP from kickstart to Practitioner Level so you understand the process of NLP and find it's applicability to change other quadrants of your Life. see more...

Transforming Self

"Apply first on self" the Flight Rule is first principle of NLP. We help you learn & Master NLP self application and Transform Yourselves before you decide to help others with your knowledge & Skills learned in NLP. see more...

Coach the Masses

Once you have experienced the Magic of Lasting Change through NLP, now it's time to impart your learning to others in need. Our Founder now helps you to go through a systematic process of Transformation from practitioner to Becoming a Successful NLP Coach. see more...

Connect to the Tribe

"Birds of same feathers, flock together" As you cross the Coaching level, you join our Tribe of Helping, Resourceful & Mature Team of Coaches which will empower you, compliment you and build a support system to help you reach the Ultimate Peak Performance state as a Coach. see more...


This is the most important part of your Journey towards your Coaching Career & Business. At this point comes the role of our Coaching Platform, which supports you with sales & marketing, the POS where you will start encashing your expertise by Value Generation and Capturing the right customers who will help you build your Legacy as a Coach. see more...