April 06, 2023 - BY ADMIN

Deadly Comfort Zone!

"People with Paralysis or Disability eventually Learn and develop a skill to manage their lives.  This is our Power of Mind and it's adaptability, known as Neuroplasticity.  Sad part is, people without Disability, CREATE Disability and Diseases, with thoughts & actions, and even find it difficult to adapt, hence, keep suffering."

Ashish Nagar NLP

I always complained about my torn shoes, till I saw man without legs...  

In spite of all the abilities, a beautiful body, accurate senses, optimal strength, decisive wisdom and free will, we become disabled.  

With a little pain, a little discomfort, we start Complaining. An inch from our comfort zone leaves us pathetic.  

Think about those who are forced to live with Disability... A crippled, an amputee, a recovered drug addict, a person with Paralysis, and many more...  

And you will say, they get used to it eventually.  

Why don't we get used to managing things beyond our comfort zone?  

Because we usually miss 2 things: 

1. Acceptance - It's okay to have pain and from wherever I have recieved it, mental or physical, first accept it! 

2. Responsibility - Take the responsibilities to heal yourself mentally and physically. 

A doctor, healer, etc. can only guide you, you must responsibly travel to get healed.  


It's a deadly affair.