April 20, 2023 - BY ADMIN

Handling the fire of Jealousy!

How do I deal with jealous people? How can I face jealous people around me?

How do you know they are jealous?

How do you identify jealous people?

You'll say, “Ashish we can just Identify!”

My question is “How exactly?”

Because of their certain gestures, certain behaviours, certain actions?

There are no well defined characteristics of jealous people, but we create our parameters to define that a person is jealous or a person is not!


It's our perception of a person's behaviour!


We are just wild guessing, what might be going the other person's inner world by looking the good happening with us... This is what we are thinking...

it's vice versa if you are jealous of somebody or something...

The basic emotion of jealous is related to 'Non-acceptance'... surprised?

Let me explain... when somebody has something you don't have... if you accept it... you get inspired but if you don't Accept it, you start feeling jealous.

Secondly, how does it matter? If you feel somebody is jealous around you… what changes do you make in your action?

Is it worth it? To change your behaviour only because you assume people around are jealous?

Yes, so it's an assumption, that people around are jealous. If people start rejecting, helping you, complementing you, or physically or verbally abusing you because you are good at something… that's ok!

Why should we become a trap of Assumptions… will you stop succeeding, taking actions, doing the good work? Because you think people around are jealous?

No!! Then why should you be worried about jealous people around!!

In other case where you are feeling jealous about anybody or anything, you might be Judgemental. You might present strong arguments of other person achieving more in an unfair and unethical ways.

Or when you the other person or situation is not in your influence or control, you start blaming yourselves, your fate, your destiny, the society, or any external or eternal power, etc. Because that is all what you can do!

But is this helping you out? no!!!

So, when you are feeling jealous about something or someone, it's always better to feel Inspired... What the person is doing differently for achieving those results... confirm it... copy it... if you get an information about the other person doing unethical activities... gon't copy them... try to copy the values, risk-taking and align your actions depending on your situations...i.e. in your context...

So, just Keep doing what you do, if it's right in your conscience… and Stop making assumptions about people's behaviour… specially jealousy!!

This we are doing so that we can keep ourselves free from unnecessary stress about what others are thinking…

To Summarise...

In case of you being a victim of jealousy... keep up your good work... in case if you feel jealous... keep up the Inspiration... Commit yourselves and achieve the best you can...