April 20, 2023 - BY ADMIN

Hardwork & Success

Can you be successful (rich and respected) in life without hard work?

A question that is commonly asked to me by my clients frequently...

There a number of quotes and sayings supporting this notion of Hardwork leading to Success...

My answer to this question is...

Yes... Absolutely… you can be successful without hard work.

I define “Hard Work" as working against your willingness.

If you are doing something or anything in life, that is against your Values or Interest you feel it hard. When you do something with willingness and interest, it's fun and stress-free.

If you need to be successful without hard work, do things with complete willingness.

There are certain principles to work on for Success…

Do your best — The great book 'The four agreements’ states this as one of it's agreement. Give your best in whatever you are doing.

Take pride in whatever you do — Robin Sharma writes this in “Leadership Wisdom", whatever you might be doing, if you feel it is important, however small, however insignificant, but if you could do with pride and excellence, it adds value to you.

Give your 100% — when you respect whatever you are doing with full focus and commitment, people start appreciating your efforts. If you are not giving 100% to your present job, people won't connect to your promises and dreams of future. Giving 100% make people have trust and belief in you, gradually people will connect respect you, sooner or later rewards will show up.

The Fred Factor — Fred Factor is doing any ordinary job, extraordinarily. You add value and exception to whatever you do and it will again compel people to value you.

Have Patience — when you consistently involve in doing what responsibility you have been given, flawlessly, without an expectation of return: may be you are not getting anything instantly, but if you keep patience, persistence and perseverance, you will be rewarded with a greater return over a period of time. Believe in Universe's timing.

Follow these principles, add value to lives of people around you with committement without expectations and you will be getting Success without slightest hard work.

I hope this gives some insight about how to be successful without hardwork.