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How Neuro-Linguistic Programming Works?

"Accept the past for What it was. Acknowledge the Present for what it is. Anticipate the future for what it becomes."

-Tracy L. McNair

Functionality of NLP

In my previous article “NLP – An Introduction” I have summarised how we learn and how our neurological system gets conditioned to take the decisions and let us act, consciously or subconsciously, in reaction to the continuous input of information from various modalities such as vision, sound, taste, smell and touch.

NLP (This will be used to depict #Neuro-Linguistic #Programming in rest of the articles you find on this site), As we summarised uses our language to influence and change our neurology in a systematic way so that we can become aware of what we are doing and why we are doing it even if sometimes it feels stupid. #NLP uses a reference point in the present and helps you determine your limitations and your resentments of the present time. Then we go back in time and do two major things, we fetch the details of a past pleasurable moments and #TAG them with detailed description, now we go to a unpleasant event and try to find out our mental and physical reactions at that time taking every detail about the onset and consequence of that event. Now gradually with the help of commands, we edit our unpleasurable experiences and the physical and mental reactions, delete them from our past and we replace them with the body’s reactions with the pleasurable experience.

Thus, we are removing a negative stimulus-response chain of a reaction that triggers when we are in a certain circumstance, almost automatically, we pause and take a second to judge the reaction and replace it with a pleasurable or positive stimulus-response chain. 

NLP Basic functioning exemplified

For example, your kid is getting ready for school early morning, you are completely engrossed in preparing his breakfast as mother or preparing for office as father. Suddenly you hear the sound of the milk mug falling on table and breaking, and milk spilling over the table, floor and your kids school dress too. This spilling also involves your wallet and mobile that was kept on dining table with your breakfast plate. What will be your immediate reaction to this?

Take a moment to just take a mental note of it. Here when you are reading this article you might say, its ok, it happens sometimes, but truly facing such an incident your first reaction is to blast off and shout on the kid for being careless. Now, just observe your breath…. Is it a little heavier? That means your body reacted to even reading of such an incident, so if you are in the incident how do you believe that you could remain calm. And the reaction was not to the Breaking of Mug and spilling of milk, but it was to the extra work that will be loaded on you because of spoiling of your kids uniform which needs to be changed and cleaning of the mobile or wallet that got spoiled because of the milk. Gradually, in this hyper reactive state you start yelling on your other half for not taking care of the kid and you end up in an aggressive state of mind. Sometimes the rush is so high that you even slap your kid. All in an anticipation of getting late? It gets worse when over this the school bus driver calls you twice that the bus is getting late and where is the kid….!!! 

Stop, Stop, Stop!!! Now the other aspect of the same incidence would be that the mother just says to the kid, “Baby, its ok, leave it and go and change your clothes, I will fill another cup of milk. It happens sometimes, you get ready and I will clean it up later after you leave.” Or the father tells the baby, “Its ok, Beta, I will clean the mobile and the purse in the meantime you change and get ready with other clothes and I will tell your teacher that why you didn’t wear uniform today. It was my mistake that I forgot my wallet and mobile on dining”

Now just take out a moment and see the change of your mental and physical status. Even while reading these two scenarios your breath, your mental and your emotional status can differ. Can you feel the difference after reading the second sequence? Is your breath relaxed, did you give a sigh… and took a deep breath? I bet most people would do it. As I am writing this, even I am experiencing this!!!

Third perspective is the child’s perspective, either he may start crying because he realizes that he has done a mistake and now that papa – mummy are going to yell at him/her and he is gonna get good scolding in response to an action that he has done intentionally. If you take the first reaction the child’s gonna gather hell lot of guilt and resentment for a minor event such as breaking the mug and spilling the milk over. His this feeling might effect his day in school in anticipation of continued scolding for this event when he returns back from the school. This memory will make such a great impact on child’s physiological responses that next time if he does any such mistake, he will try to hide it and/or he will learn to tell a lie to get saved from the reaction that parents are going to give. 

This is leaving a deep impact on his self-image, character and values as a whole. Hope with this example you might even understand the impact of your REACTIONS on your spouse and your kid’s future.

This is what NLP is all about and its functioning. Our body controlled by our conditioned neurology creates reactions to each and every event, big or small, in our body and the intensity of reactions creates a pattern that is later used to frame our interactions with the external environment.

#NLP – Programming 

#NLP just lets you place an event in a perspective where you can take the events positive without finding intentions behind other’s mistakes, and if you feel that its done intentionally you can learn to deal with the psychology of doer and/or conditioning his mind so that he realizes that you know that the mistake was done intentionally. Once he knows that you are aware of his/her intentional behaviour he will minimise it to stay out of trouble.

#NLP helps you understand and regulate your reactions to the stimulus received from the external environment and helps you rectify its negative side. Nlp teaches you to see things ‘AS THEY ARE’ and look at the positive side of all that is occurring around you. This mindset helps you keep your physiology calm which gradually improves your energy and your focus towards your personal growth.

#NLP Helps you protect against environmental negativities, because if you decide not to react, the external environment can not compel you to react with whatsoever situations you face or whatsoever circumstances are projected in your life. It has the power to transform you to a completely calm, cantered and serene individual which will attract people and businesses towards you, thereby giving you prosperity, happiness, satisfaction, outcome oriented working and set clear life goals and a happy and satisfied personal and family life.

#NLP #Rejuvenates #Lightens #Transforms #Calms #Empowers #Energises #Focuses #YOU and helps you overcome negative #Beliefs and replaces them with #Positive #Productive #Happy #Relaxed #De-stressed #Growth # Vision #Stability and many more positive values that create #positive #Beliefs to make YOU THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELVES.


To sum-up, you would have got some idea about the working of NLP and how it increases your productivity. The “BENEFITS of NLP” will be discussed in forthcoming articles, and the next article will hold my story “Birth of #NLPGrace” which will give you a glimpse of who is behind #NLPGRACE and why I can guide you in the best way through this #LIFE #CHANGING #Journey. We will also learn about the #NLPTherapy, #NLPCoaching and most importantly the person behind this initiative, Mr. Ram Verma, Ted Talk Speaker and NLP Mega Coach, who actually inspired me to break my shell and reveal the simplified knowledge and its implications to you.

Till then, stay happy, stay blessed and keep working towards the most important person in the present that is “YOU”.

Reflection Exercise:

In the meantime, try to identify how your behaviours or functioning affect your spouse, kids, parents, friends and other people related to you and what ‘small’ change can you make to heal these relations and make them trustworthy.

Feeling Excited for YOUR JOURNEY #NLPGRACE

“The Spirit, the will to win, the will to succeed are the things that endure. These qualities are so much more important than the events that occurs.”

-Vince Lombardi

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