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How do I improve myself in 30 days? A Snail or Captain America?

How do I improve myself in 30 days? A Snail or Captain America?

I often face this question in my group as well as individual sessions, this blog will help you get a brief and short summary for this question...

Two ideologies…. One snail ideology other Captain America ideology (That is how I call it)


One way is, ROUTINE….


One step at a time, one habit per day, 30 days Challenge, many programs will be available to you with this ideology, Online and for Free.


Good thing is they keep you on daily toll, you get a routine, you get things to be done daily, If you are the sincere type you can follow it. Yes the energy levels might change, you might skip, you might get off schedule, you might even feel disappointed and self guilty for not EVEN being able to follow a 30 day program for Your Improvement….


Second Trick is, BURN….


Captain America, was ready to take that two dozen injections and radiations of high level because he had a burning desire to change… and he tolerated all that for a short time and he changed….


This BURN from your heart and soul to change for A REASON, A STRONG ENOUGH ”WHY” will generate PASSION, Obsession, Relentless, Unceasing Energy to stay fit, to work for long days, to work without getting tired, to get in that FLOW, that Success Mindset, that State of Mind-Body that will initiate, propel and cause CHANGE, for which 30 days are too long….


So, What's your Outcome?


Is it a trial-and-error Wish…. To change or is it the Burning Desire to Change without which you cannot survive?


Find your choice to get an answer to your Question.


In Both Cases, Sit Down and Write in Clear Words for Ten Minutes,


What Outcome You Want for Which You Wish to Change?


What Will It Look Like After You Have Achieved the Change and Outcome… What Will Be Its Advantages...


Hope this helps….

Ashish Nagar NLP