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NLP – An Introduction

“Success is possible.”

-Brain Tracy

Development of ‘Present YOU”

Since our inception, in the mother’s womb, 3 months of intrauterine life we start communicating with the world. In this case we communicate with the world through the mother’s feelings and emotions, this is how mother get’s cravings and if you fulfil you get a feeling of satiety. Once we are born we start using our eyes (VISION) to see and communicate with the world. We recognise our parent’s faces, we recognise our near and dear ones, we start understanding expressions and feelings through face expressions and so even without understanding the language a child simply responds to anybody who tries to make the child laugh. 

As we grow we start mumbling words, the ‘goo-goo’s and the ‘ga-ga’s (AUDIO). Gradually as we progress, we start learning words and language. By then end of our first year we even start holding the things, moving hands and even start standing and walking (Kinaesthesia or sense of movement). Gradually we are exposed to various types of stimulus and we learn sensations, expressions, tone of voice, etc. Thereafter there is nor looking back, we learn everything from our senses and our communication with the environment. Our feelings, our responses, our language, our values, our emotions, our beliefs and we actually become what we are in the present day.

In the above paragraph, the term ‘environment’ relates to everything that is out of our mind including our sensations and our body systems like stomach and lungs also. 

The question that comes to the mind is where is all this going in the body? It goes to the Neurological system. The storehouse or the processing unit or the supercomputer or the control system of the body. 

The Neurological system is the one which collects each and every bite of information supplied to it from our senses and body each moment. It is the most versatile unit that has 1 trillion of neurons with thousands of GBs of storage capacity (ranges from 1 terabyte i.e. 1000 GB to 2.5 petabytes i.e. 2500 terabytes), more than any storage device that can be thought of in the world. It has the quickest speed rather it is fastest system that can search for data from these trillions of neurons in lesser time then Google search (searches about 10,00,000 search results in fractions of seconds). Need a proof, ok, think about, ‘Amitabh Bachchan”…. Another try think about “Tom & Jerry”…. 

Even before you read this you already get a smile on your face thinking about the second term. Can you realise that even before you try to think, thousands of related information to the word simply runs from your mind in a FLASH. This is the capacity of the Neurological system that you own.

To such a powerful machine, whatever data it receives through communication with your environment, it processes the information in connection to your mental status, pain, pleasure, hormone changes, heartbeat and respiratory changes also. When such an powerful machine is filled with jargon of negative thoughts and behaviours that we have learned knowingly or unknowingly, its performance compromises affecting our communication with the Environment as a whole, making you the “PRESENT YOU”.


After understanding the above mechanism now  let’s see that if we have learned false behaviours (smoking, drinking, procrastination, etc) or if we have been implanted with false belief system during our developmental phases, we create reactions based on that particular stimulus-response algorithm.

NLP – Neurolinguistic Programming is the answer to realise, analyse and change this automatic pattern to a well understood pattern. 

NLP consists of three words,

Neuro – relates to our Neurology or our control system.

Linguistic – relates to Language, i.e. how we internally or externally define our experiences in relation to communication with the environment.

Programming is a term taken from computer science that states, the process of instructing or learning by means of a instructional program.

So NLP is giving appropriate instructions to guide our neurology with the use of our language to identify its stored patterns and change them to a more aware and understandable level for the benefits of ourselves as an individual and thereby affecting the way we communicate with our environment.

I will not be discussing the history and development of NLP as you can get number of resources to collect that information. But I will definitely discuss “How NLP works?” and “What are the benefits of NLP in forthcoming articles.

To summarize, just remember that Our neurology is the system that learns our responses to anything that communicates with the body from the environment including our senses and other body systems. Thereby, it creates responses to specific situations that we face, and controls our reactions to the specific stimulus. 

Many times, its automatic and we do not involve consciously, and its like a trigger. If food is in front, we start eating. If you pass in front of a good restaurant you salivate because of the smell of the food, involuntarily. If somebody says you something that is not acceptable according to your beliefs you can get angry. 

Good News, NLP or Neurolinguistic Programming is here to re-wire, format and re-program you so that you can use your neurology for the maximum benefits and to fulfil the wishes and dreams of the most important person of you in this world, i.e. “YOU”.

So, for finding and upgrading to “THE BEST VERSION OF YOU” stay tuned………

Till then, Take Care, start making a list of actions that you do that might harm or that have harmed you in any way in the past, and then you realise that you did that action almost involuntarily or reactively, and later you even felt that there would have been a better way to do this. Keep this list with you as we will rectify these in the coming blogs too….

"To accomplish great things, we must not only Act, but also Dream; not only Plan but also Believe."

-Anatole France

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Ashish Nagar is an accomplished NLP Master Coach, speaker, and founder of NLP Coaching Nexus. With over 5 years of experience, he has impacted countless lives through transformative coaching and counselling. Ashish is the creator of the Hour of Power and the 21-Day NLP Transformation Challenge, renowned programs that bring about profound personal growth. He is also the visionary behind the NLP Coaching Business Blueprint, a comprehensive roadmap for aspiring coaches. As a faculty member of the ATAL Faculty Development Program, Ashish shares his expertise on a national level. With more than 450 counseling sessions and a track record of successful online workshops, he has a global reach. Ashish's dynamic presence and inspiring messages make him a sought-after speaker and motivator. Through his guidance, individuals unleash their potential and lead fulfilling lives.