March 06, 2023 - BY ADMIN

Removing Frustration from your Life!

Almost all the clients I meet are suffering from one common symptom, whether they understand it or not, i.e. "Frustration"

"Frustration" comes when we try to manage more than what we can handle!

Problem is not getting frustrated, problem is tolerating it thinking that it is a Compulsory part of Life.

So, how to remove Frustration?

If you understand this...  Oh that's a very simple job….

Like even if I'm frustrated to a level where I can just break anybody's head, even if he speaks a word, the Balloon Reaction, you know, like sometimes people are so full of frustration that it acts like a pin in a balloon, there they go bursting out control.

Yes, Me Too, have been in frustrated situations, like everyone. At the peak of frustration, I just experienced that, my frustrations leave ME devastated, there was no effect on the person, situation or issue even if I got frustrated.

I also realized I was like the Balloon, torn into pieces after letting my frustration out and gradually people started seeing me as a 'Frustrated and Anxious person' and started avoiding me.

So I thought, what are the frustrations? How is it helping me out?

Frustration is my inability to manage the various sensory input I am receiving from my surroundings, because there is a traffic Jam of my inner voices, feelings and thoughts. This internal chaos acts as the tipping point.

But at last what is to be understood is that, if I am frustrated and I burst out; I am left disappointed that nobody is there to listen and understand me.

If I am frustrated and I don't express it, that's even more hazardous as it is stored as stress and Anxiety in my neurology causing various physical pains and illnesses.


Is it worth losing my COOL, losing my mind? Is it worth a Mayhem in my whole internal world? Can I afford blasting out or blasting inside in my brain and gathering the toxins in my body?

But you will say, Ashish then should I tolerate the stupidity or the things that are wrong around me? When even after saying a thousand times work is not done? Should I do everything and why me alone? And till what time should I tolerate it?

And My answer would be, NO NO NO! I want you to do what and how much ever you can do. But don't get aggressive on what cannot be done. Don't get aggressive on the things you expect others to do. And that doesn't mean you have to do everything, even if you can't!

Please please check if you have not become a habitual frustrator, getting frustrated even if there's no need. Getting so constipated that you can't control triggers.

Don't become a balloon or a remote controlled toy that anybody can just press you button and enjoy your uneasiness.


Calm down, it's okay not to react.

Secondly, give responsibility and not instructions, and make the other person realize the effect of not doing the job. I tell my son to keep things in place, if he doesn't, I don't help him find it out when needed. When he is troubled finding it out in the need of time, he realised the importance of putting things in place. My years of shouting didn't help, but this act definitely did!

Do whatever you can. Don't become a robot yourselves and don't allow others to trigger you off. Like the doll with a trigger.

Actually ask yourself, is this situation, person or event or behaviour, from anybody, worth losing my mind?

Last, ASK what you need from people, what you want them to do! You expect a daily thing got done but unless you stop doing it and tell the concerned person that he should be doing it himself henceforth, how is he getting the instruction? So ASK help and Leave Instructions. give this a try… let me know how it goes.

Ashish Nagar NLP