January 25, 2023 - BY ADMIN

Signs of Change

"Keep Complaining!! Keep Shouting!! Keep getting Irritated!! Keep Stressing!! Keep getting Angry!! Keep tolerating!!  Keep crying!! Keep exploding!!  At the end of the day...  Ask Yourself... "How much did the above things help me today?"  Continue if you feel they helped... Otherwise, you know something needs to be Changed..."

Ashish Nagar NLP 

Do these daily behaviours, which are almost automatic, helping you?  

To get things done, to discipline to get orders followed, to be productive?  

Are these behaviours, that are common, validated to get things done?  

Do you REALIZE how much of your Mental and Physical Damage you are doing to yourselves with these?  

And, many would say, "Ashish what else can be done if these are the only ways, we can get a work done?" Otherwise, the orders are not followed. They just don't listen.  

They won't listen, because you have trained them 'NOT to Respond till you get Aggressive!!!'  

Do you REALIZE this?  

Just the realisation that this is not the right way, makes the change. 

Try what else can help, re-train the people around you to follow soft commands, let them take responsibility for their work...  And Be patient, till they are retraining. 

Even you would take a lot to time to write legibly with left hand if you are right dominant and vice versa.