April 06, 2023 - BY ADMIN

The Art of Conscious Living!

"The moment you decide to get rid of your problems; With your Body, Mind, Heart, Conscious and Subconscious... 

 That very moment you 'Centralize' your thinking and 'Synchronize' it with Universal Collective Consciousness...  

And then you get a solution, that you would never have thought only pondering on your problem, and discussing it even a thousand times. 

 The Art is Making this process CONSCIOUS, that is Awakening!!"

Ashish Nagar NLP


But, you need to be Desperate... 

That willingness to get rid of the pain of the problem Must be present.  

That "fed up now" moment must arise!!  

Just think, in past what situation lead you to think out of the box? A deadline? An Urgency? Health issue? A demanding client?  

Just observe yourself, you do this almost daily... 

Unconsciously, unknowing, almost absent-mindedly...  While driving, scheduling urgent and important tasks, working out daily problems, and in many more cases, you almost daily use it, but mostly Unconditionally.  

Try to get the thought process and master it, and once you start using that strategy 

Consciously, become the master of it, and see...  No Problem would ever stand in what you want to do or achieve.  

This is Awareness of your thinking and actions!!