January 25, 2023 - BY ADMIN

Thoughts & Direction towards Goals

"What are your predominant thoughts right now! Just take a second and watch....  Are these thoughts related to positive intentions or negative intentions? If they are Positive, you are oriented to constructive future. If they are negative, you are oriented to past, pain, worry, fear, etc. This Defines your STATE OF MIND. So, are you in constructive quadrant or in destructive quadrant? Reply... And Read More..."

Ashish Nagar NLP 

This will help you define weather you are working towards achieving something in life or are you working towards saving yourselves from harm or negativity.  

If you're predominantly thinking, i.e. your mind is constantly projecting creative and thoughts towards achieving something positive, you will be in a healthy state most of the times.  

But if you are having negative thoughts predominantly, then you might be having an unhealthy status of your mind or body. 

So this serves as a brief audit about your Orientation towards future.  

Easy pizzy... Isn't it!!  

So what's your status? 

Constructive or destructive?