January 25, 2023 - BY ADMIN

Why NLP for Health & Wellness?

My entire life, I've been fascinated about why people suffer from chronic pain, till years after the initial trauma and they are almost "stuck" with emotional and physical stress, anxiety and depression. I started noticing the connection between Mental phases with intensity of physical pain. this was presented to me by many of my patients as well as my own experiences.

I was always surprised, why the Pain increased or other Physical ailments increased when a person was either at the lowest or at the highest point, psychologically or socially.

I constantly queried chronic patient's symptoms or a patient with recurrent pain and their co-relation with their social, psychological, and financial status at the time of pain, mainly psychological states. I knew that the Physical presentation of the patient was based on underlying psychological issue or vice-versa but how to co-relate it was a question.

No matter how hard I studied this in medical books and medical therapies, I tried discussing this topic with many of my medical friends from various faculties, but the strong logical medical system in our mind didn't allow anyone else or even myself to believe what I was thinking was true. 

For years, I felt I was thinking bizarre and I was overthinking the concepts and so I started keeping these theories in my own notes not trying to explain it further to my colleagues and patients. I also felt the same symptoms for all these years working as Physical Therapist and later as Professor also. But I almost nullified this thought process as I could not get any simplified explanation in the medical scientific jargon. 

I began to wonder "How I can help these patients and rather myself from staying out of these so-called Psycho-somatic diseases away?"

The longer I tried studying, working longer on patients, trying the latest techniques, and psychosomatic principles the more dumb and "stuck" I felt with my thinking.

If I wanted to cross over this and find a conclusion to my own health and my patient's health, I needed to crack this code of Mind-Body Connection.

Today, about 450 million people suffer from a mental or behavioural disorder. 86% world's population is suffering from Stress related anxiety, depression and other disorders.

The Whistle Blower Signs that Stress, Anxiety and Depression are Holding you back Physically, Psychologically & Socially

You get angry and irritated easily, following which you feel frustrated on yourself.

You cannot relax or quiet your mind, that mental chaos is always on.

You suffer from Headaches, stomach upset, low energy and fatigue, muscle tensions, other aches and pains.

You experience chest pain and rapid heartbeat with increased Breathing also, sometimes.

You need to do a lot; you know that but you tend to sleep or relax instead of doing it.

You catch colds and infections frequently.

Nervousness, cold hands, shaking, ringing in ears, sweaty hands, and feet.

Unexplained physical pain and symptoms that are not diagnosed or medically explained. 

If these statements sound familiar, and you have tried self-help books, therapies, certificate programs, life development programs, formal educations and certifications, all types of medications to make things better - and, it hasn't worked - it's time to ficus on your Inner Charisma and mental skills.

Many of my clients have told me, somewhere in their heart, they knew that these symptoms are not purely physical but in search of relief they tried, self-help, therapies, medications, diet schedules and even many personality development programs including yoga and many other healing

But they are left wondering why they are not getting lasting relief, why it keeps on recurring...

Well, the truth is, none of these are addressing those issues that are in your mind, clogging your beliefs, thoughts, and healing powers.

Many of the above-mentioned approaches can help relieve symptoms, suppress them, teach us overlooking the symptoms, and getting rid of them for a short period of time.

Biggest Myths Holding My Client's Back:

Myth 1: There is always a pathological cause for my pain.

If I am feeling pain and discomfort, even if my medical reports are not showing abnormalities I am having a disease that nobody can detect.

Reality: It is not necessary that there has to be a cause for all aches and pains, some aches and pains can be just reactive and body has the power to heal them itself. All you have to do is give it enough time with environment.

Myth 2: I cannot have anxiety, these are diseases of weak, I am very strong mentally

Mental illness like anxiety, stress and depression happens to those people who cannot take decisions or manage their lives well.

Reality: 86% of people world-wide are suffering with minor to major stress leading to Anxiety, Anxiety disorders, Panic, Depression, etc. These can be present in anybody with variable presentations the earlier we identify it the earlier it can be tackled well.

Myth 3: Am I Mad? If I am having disease or pain without a medical proof, and god says it’s in my brain?

If doctor says you don't have any physical problem and you are having psychological pain, that means you are mad or you need a psychiatric or psychological consultation.

Reality: Psychological pain means much more than being mad or being in mental illness. There are many variable types of psychological illnesses and Stress, Anxiety and Depression are also one of them.

Stress, Anxiety, and Illness can also result in many types of physical problems and vice versa. A small long term physical problem can also lead to Stress.

It is Possible to treat Stress, Anxiety and Depression because of any cause and having any presentation by Strategic modifications in the way we perceive the situations and how we react to them!

I've done it myself and I've helped many others to do it too...

Once I started discovering the role of Mind-body connection and secrets of using them in healing the physical problems and health problems, I started trying them on myself and my clients and it was miraculous...

I started trying them on my routine Physical therapy patients, once results were confirmed I started giving counselling and treatment sessions in small groups. Gradually the demand of a well-established system compelled me to come up with more ways to help more people....

I started speaking in front of groups of people and I was asked numbers of unrelated questions,

Is physical therapy not working, then why did you shift to this non relevant field.

Can you give training to my kids?

Can you help me with anxiety so I can perform well in my business?

Opportunities were coming my way, but there was something in me that was pushing me towards something greater, something more significant.