Life Coaching or 'EmpowerShift Living' as I say it.

Let's see! Please try to reflect briefly on these questions! 

1. Are you living the life of your dreams Health-wise, relationship wise, finance wise and career wise?

2. Are you completely satisfied with your life, living standards and social status or you think it can be improved?

3. Are you having a feeling or Achievement and fulfillment leading to Happiness, Serenity and Congruence or is there a scope of betterment?

If you answer all the above questions with an
uhhh... Or ummm ..
​​​​​​​that means there's a scope of improvement.

Can you think of things that will help you get better? You might say, ofcourse I know what I want and how I can get it!

Then what is stopping you? And you will start counting on a list... 

In the same situations that you are now, with the same relationship, with the same job or business, with the same world around you...
Instantly you will say...
Ashish, you are lying...
You don't understand where I am stuck...
How can you say that...

I know what goes with this conversation...
'I have been there's...
​​​​​​​And making this possible is what is 'Life Coaching'.

Are you...
Fed up, Stuck, Bored, Diseased, Indebted, Looking for Job Change, Career Change...

You are 'Stuck' with what to do?
How to do?
All this can be solved with the help of 'Life Coaching'.

Next Obvious Question is "Why I need a Coach?"

It's my life, my problems, my relations, how can an outsider help! 

My answer to this is very clear...
Suppose, you are stuck in a traffic Jam, you are honking, abusing everything around, moving slowly cursing and worrying... Is that going to solve the traffic? Untill and unless you connect to somebody who can see the whole scenario and help the traffic clear up...
​​​​​​​Like the traffic police...

The coach acts as your TRAFFIC POLICE...​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Who helps you align and see the state from various points, sets the GPS, help you select the right and safest and quickest path for your life...

But... Time kahan hai? ⏳

Problem yeh hai ki hume lagta hai humhare paas na time hai aur na paisa... 🤔💸
Wahi toh sochte hai... 🤷‍♂️
Time kahan hai? ⏰
Waise hi main financial crisis mein hoon aur upar se mujhe ek coach hire karna chahiye? 😓👨‍🏫

Just think about your Latte Factors...

How many Zomato, Swiggy orders did you do for yourselves or family & friends in last month? 📱
How much money did you spend on that car which you use only to protect your status in society? It's recurring costs? 💸💵
How much do you spend after clothing, luxuries, Amazon, Myntra, Addictions and on Water Bottles...? 🛍️🛒

Time you spend on Scrolling through Mindless reels, OTT binge watches...
Sharing your 'Knowledge' with subordinates, colleagues, or even as God father's for freshers...
​​​​​​​Discussing and detailing your and their life problems...

What is the amount of money and time you spent on the above only to get what is called as

Are these helping you get out of your problems or it only makes you feel like it's helping?

It's easy to order a Rs.2000/- pizza because it looks, tastes feels great...
​​​​​​​But at that point of time you are not worried about Expenses or Time?

Aapko khud ke saath sachcha hona padega... 🌟
Kya intezar karoge jab tak sab kuch bigad jaaye? 🤔




Benefits of Life Coaching

Clarity and

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Clarity and Direction
Identifying Goals: Life coaching helps you clearly define your goals and aspirations, ensuring you know exactly what you want to achieve.

Creating a Roadmap: Coaches assist in mapping out a clear and actionable plan to reach your objectives, providing a structured pathway to success.


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Enhanced Self-Awareness

Understanding Yourself: Through reflective practices and probing questions, life coaching helps you gain deeper insights into your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.

Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses: A coach helps you recognize your strengths to leverage them effectively and identify areas for improvement.


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Increased Confidence

Building Self-Esteem: Life coaching empowers you to overcome self-doubt and build a stronger sense of self-worth.

Overcoming Fear: Coaches guide you in facing and conquering fears that may be holding you back.


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Improved Relationships
Enhancing Communication Skills: Coaching can improve your ability to communicate effectively, fostering better relationships both personally and professionally.

Conflict Resolution: Learn techniques to manage and resolve conflicts constructively.

Stress Reduction and Emotional Well-Being

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Stress Reduction and Emotional Well-Being

Coping Mechanisms: Coaches teach techniques to manage stress, anxiety, and other emotional challenges effectively.

Emotional Support: Providing a safe and non-judgmental space to explore your feelings and emotions.

Accountability and

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Accountability and Motivation

Staying on Track: Regular sessions with a life coach keep you accountable for your actions and commitments.

Continuous Motivation: Coaches provide the encouragement and support needed to stay motivated and focused on your goals.

​​​​​​​Problem-Solving Skills

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Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills
Creative Solutions: Life coaching encourages innovative thinking and helps you develop effective problem-solving strategies.

Overcoming Obstacles: Learn to view challenges as opportunities for growth and develop resilience in facing setbacks.

Personal Growth
​​​​​​​and Development

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Personal Growth and Development

Continuous Learning: Life coaching fosters a mindset of continuous personal development, encouraging you to learn and grow consistently.

Achieving Potential: Coaches help you unlock and reach your full potential by pushing you beyond your comfort zone.

Fulfillment and

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Fulfillment and Happiness

Living Authentically: Life coaching helps you align your life with your values and passions, leading to a more authentic and fulfilling life.

Achieving Balance: By addressing various aspects of your life holistically, coaching ensures a well-rounded sense of happiness and satisfaction.

How to Select a LIFE COACH?

Selecting a life coach is a personal journey, much like finding the right fit for a trusted friend or mentor 🤝.

1. Start by clarifying your goals and what you hope to achieve through coaching 🎯.

2. Look for a coach who aligns with your values, has experience in the areas you want to work on, and possesses proper certification or training 📜.

3. Seek someone who inspires trust and rapport, as the relationship is built on mutual respect and understanding 🤗.

4. Don't hesitate to schedule initial consultations with multiple coaches to gauge compatibility before making your decision 🗓️.

5. Ultimately, choose the coach who empowers and supports you on your path to growth and fulfillment 🌟.