A Journey Of Inner Alignment To Universe

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You will learn theory and practice of inner alignment to universe and start benefiting from practice of visualization and how to apply it in your day to day life.

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This course is designed for anyone to easily learn powerful visulization to menifest desire life .

Course is designed by an expert, who has been practicing NLP personal transformation for almost 07 years and teaching with his own methodology for last 2 years.  

What you'll learn

 You will learn theory and practice of inner alignment to universe and start benefiting from practice of visulization and how to apply it in your day to day life.

Who this course is for

This course is for people who want to achieve their life goals and want to lead a happy healthy and energetic life with complete mental peace & serenity.

End of this course you will find a strategies that you have to follow consistently for better result , I am giving a recipes with all gradient that you have to follow for manifest a good health , wealth, energetic , young and successful life .

Nitin Sharma


<p>Hi I am <b><i>Nitin Sharma</i></b>, NLP Personal Transformation Coach and Life Coach.</p><p>I am working with people to live with passion and to helps people make progress in their lives in order to attain greater fulfilment and improving their relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives . I also help people how to overcome stress, anxiety &amp; depression. Being a master in coach, I teach and train NLP too.&nbsp;</p><p><b>Purpose of becoming coach:</b> I i am willing to help people get awareness, awake the inner power for well being and personal development.<br></p><p><b>My Specialty:&nbsp;</b>I am willing to help the people to live with passion . I am willing to help the society towards wellness and abundance in wealth and prosperity. Often people are facing inner conflict in life , and being stressed by their negative thoughts , I remold the neuroplasticity of your brain to positive stimulation for good health , relationships and career .<br></p><p>I am committed to help the clients: Students, sports person, business man and society towards aware, Health and Wellness.<br></p><div><br></div>

20 Reviews for this course

user image
Sohail Narayanan - Sep 07, 2023

This course provided the emotional nourishment I didn't know I needed.

user image
Nayan Peri - Sep 07, 2023

I feel like I've unlocked a new level of understanding and confidence after finishing this course.

user image
Monica Ramakrishnan - Sep 07, 2023

This course made me believe in the transformative power of education. It's truly remarkable.

user image
Virat Varkey - Sep 07, 2023

I see the world in a new light after completing this course—a beautiful perspective shift.

user image
Jaswant Buch - Sep 07, 2023

This course was a breath of fresh air in my life, rejuvenating my spirit and outlook.

user image
Zahir Kale - Sep 07, 2023

The emotional depth of this course was astonishing. It challenged me and made me grow in ways I never thought possible.

user image
Vineeta Beharry - Sep 07, 2023

My heart is bursting with happiness as I look back on the amazing journey this course has taken me on.

user image
Nagma Yogi - Sep 07, 2023

I can't believe how much I've grown emotionally thanks to this course. It's remarkable.

user image
Geetanjali Jaggi - Sep 07, 2023

This course reignited my passion for learning and self-improvement. It was a true emotional awakening.

user image
Damini Harjo - Sep 07, 2023

I was on the edge of my seat with excitement throughout the entire course; it was an exhilarating emotional ride.

user image
Chinmay More - Sep 07, 2023

I experienced moments of sheer joy and enlightenment during this course. It was exhilarating.

user image
Charu Mistry - Sep 07, 2023

I'm forever grateful for the emotional growth and self-discovery I've achieved through this course.

user image
Anil Bahl - Sep 07, 2023

I cried tears of joy when I completed this course. It was that good.

user image
Chameli Wali - Sep 07, 2023

Throughout this course, I felt like I was floating on a cloud of happiness; it brought immense joy.

user image
Parvez Kade - Sep 07, 2023

This course made me realize that learning can be a deeply emotional and fulfilling experience.

user image
Mukti Karnik - Sep 07, 2023

I'm positively beaming with happiness after finishing this course.

user image
Sirish Brahmbhatt - Sep 07, 2023

I can't thank the instructor enough for creating such a life-changing course.

user image
Rosey Vala - Sep 07, 2023

Every module of this course was a delightful surprise, like unwrapping a gift. It kept me engaged and emotionally invested.

user image
Ujwal Murty - Sep 07, 2023

I'm leaving this course with newfound confidence and a heart full of excitement for the future.

user image
Kirti Lad - Sep 07, 2023

I've been moved to tears by the beauty and depth of the course content.