NLP De-Stress Miracle: 5 Step Stress Relief Visualization Program

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Miracle Visualization Program for Stress-Relief. Course Language: English Course Niche Focus: Personal Development – Personal Transformation – Stress Relief This Programs has 3 Major Aims: 1. Purifying or cleansing the Inner world for better future outcomes of Life. 2. Helping you developing new positive & powerful subconscious imprints for you to lead a blissful life. 3. Helping to create an internal focus for higher achievement in all areas of life.

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The NLP De-Stress Miracle contains 5-Powerful NLP Visualizations that will help you create your new Image,

Change the way we see the world,

Break bad Anchors and create new Positive Anchors,

Get rid of your Past Painful Memories and Heal yourselves of Physical pain and trauma through body pacing.

NLP visualizations are different from Normal visualizations in a way that they command your Subconscious to Re-program in the new way.

So, join me and Heal yourselves in this Program!

Replenish your Health, Energy & Vitality every week by taking this set of visualization. Starting from Monday to Friday, one visualization per day will prepare and help you moving forward and keep you de-stressed throughout the week.

What you will learn:

NLP Visualizations

Visualizations are mental rehearsals of future or past events. These are the most powerful tools that we humans have been gifted with!

Each and every person on this earth Visualizes, but without awareness. We visualize uncertainty, fear, results, and everything else. But we normally visualize negative and unknown future projections.

NLP Visualizations teach us to create Positive Future Projections with involvement of all your Senses of Vision, Auditory and Feelings so the Visualization is more real and deep rooting in the Subconscious. This helps us create Miraculous results for our future!

What are the requirements or prerequisites for taking your course?

Keep clear in mind "Why have you joined this Course?"

PC/Mobile with Internet

Headphone or Hand-free set

A silent place to sit and complete lectures

A notepad and and a pen

Who is this course for?

Anybody interested to learn about "CHANGE" effectively and easily.

Those who are interested to learn basics of neuro-linguistic programming

Dr. Ashish Nagar NLP


<p>Hi there! I’m <i>Ashish Nagar&nbsp;</i></p><p><i><br></i></p><p>A Dedication to personal excellence.</p><p><br></p><p>Ashish Nagar is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Coach, previously a physical therapist by profession since 2001. He is working as a full time NLP Master coach since 2019.</p><p><br></p><p>As a physical therapist, he always dealt with physical problems of people with state-of-the-art therapies and worked mostly on psychosomatic problems and physical pain. His vast experience and inquisitive nature always made him inquire about the reasons behind the physical pains.</p><p><br></p><p>His research in the topic lead him to realize that there was a missing piece in physical treatment that was rather overlooked by medical profession.</p><p><br></p><p> Medically having all the tests normal and still displaying pain and constant discomfort, widely known as Illness, was his curiosity generating point about "The missing piece".</p><p><br></p><p>This brought him to study Psycho-somatic illness and thereby led him to find out an effective way to treat the "demons in the brain" causing these illnesses even with non-medical findings.</p><p><br></p><p>Neuro-linguistic programming is a science of dealing with your mental issues leading to physical ailments. As his research deepened he came across many authors working on holistic healing working on the Mind-body model of not only mastering the Health, but also helping people in all ease of life.</p><p><br></p>

40 Reviews for this course

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Nalini Wagle - Sep 07, 2023

I'm leaving this course with not just knowledge but also a profound sense of emotional fulfillment.

user image
Prabhat Dhingra - Sep 07, 2023

I've been on a transformative emotional journey, and I'm forever changed because of it.

user image
Sirish Muni - Sep 07, 2023

I'm on fire with passion thanks to this course. It's life-changing!

user image
Ram Gopal Chahal - Sep 07, 2023

I'm leaving this course with a heart full of gratitude, knowing it has enriched my life.

user image
Indira Bumb - Sep 07, 2023

I feel like a different person after completing this course—more confident, knowledgeable, and empowered.

user image
Subhash Vasa - Sep 07, 2023

The emotional impact of this course was like a warm embrace; it made me feel supported and understood.

user image
Rosey Subramaniam - Sep 07, 2023

The emotional transformation I experienced in this course was nothing short of extraordinary.

user image
Lalita Gera - Sep 07, 2023

This course has rekindled my passion for lifelong learning, and I couldn't be more thankful.

user image
Malik Badal - Sep 07, 2023

This course made me see the world from a new perspective, enriching my life emotionally.

user image
Vimala Bobal - Sep 07, 2023

Every lesson felt like a gift for my heart and mind. This course was a source of emotional nourishment.

user image
Savita Hari - Sep 07, 2023

I'm overwhelmed with joy after completing this course. It's a masterpiece!

user image
Giaan Wali - Sep 07, 2023

I felt like I was part of a supportive community, and that emotional connection made all the difference.

user image
Meghana Chanda - Sep 07, 2023

I've been floating on cloud nine ever since I started this course. It's been a truly uplifting experience.

user image
Vaishali Boase - Sep 07, 2023

This course ignited a fire in my heart and soul. It was an emotional awakening I'll never forget.

user image
Nidhi Bhargava - Sep 07, 2023

I've laughed, I've cried, and I've learned so much. This course was a rollercoaster of emotions, and I loved every minute.

user image
Bhaagyasree Samuel - Sep 07, 2023

This course reignited my passion for learning and personal growth. It's been truly uplifting.

user image
Ruchi Chacko - Sep 07, 2023

I'm leaving this course with a heart full of gratitude and a mind brimming with new knowledge.

user image
Ajinkya Bhatt - Sep 07, 2023

The course content touched my heart and left an indelible mark on my soul.

user image
Esha Raval - Sep 07, 2023

I can't believe how much I've grown emotionally thanks to this course. It's remarkable.

user image
Dinesh Virk - Sep 07, 2023

I experienced moments of sheer joy and enlightenment during this course. It was exhilarating.

user image
Urmi Handa - Sep 07, 2023

This course challenged me in the best way possible, prompting emotional and intellectual growth.

user image
Rohini Nair - Sep 07, 2023

This course made me believe in myself more than ever. It boosted my confidence to new heights.

user image
Vaishali Sarna - Sep 07, 2023

This course felt like a warm embrace, providing comfort and enlightenment in equal measure.

user image
Anjana Bhatia - Sep 07, 2023

I'm teary-eyed thinking about all the new skills I've gained.

user image
Yasmin Dube - Sep 07, 2023

I'm so moved by this course – it's been an emotional rollercoaster!

user image
Tushar Naik - Sep 07, 2023

I'm leaving this course with a heart full of gratitude for the wisdom it has imparted.

user image
Himani Tata - Sep 07, 2023

I can't get over how much I learned in this course. It was a revelation.

user image
Heena Deol - Sep 07, 2023

The instructor's dedication to our emotional growth has been truly inspiring.

user image
Urmila Koshy - Sep 07, 2023

I'm leaving this course with a heart full of gratitude and a mind brimming with new knowledge.

user image
Manoj Minhas - Sep 07, 2023

This course felt like a warm embrace for my mind and heart; it provided comfort and guidance.

user image
Aishwarya Salvi - Sep 07, 2023

The emotional connection I felt with the course material was powerful; it made learning a joy.

user image
Nandini Ahuja - Sep 07, 2023

My heart is full of gratitude for this life-changing experience.

user image
Baber Sarna - Sep 07, 2023

This course gave me butterflies of excitement throughout the entire journey.

user image
Ananya Sanghvi - Sep 07, 2023

I'm overflowing with gratitude for this course, which I consider a precious gift.

user image
Ambika Shukla - Sep 07, 2023

I'm leaving this course with a heart full of gratitude for the wisdom it has imparted.

user image
Aruna Vig - Sep 07, 2023

This course transformed me into a better, more self-aware individual, and I'm grateful for it.

user image
Venkat Manne - Sep 07, 2023

This course gave me a new lease on life. I'm beyond thankful.

user image
Manoj Sami - Sep 07, 2023

I've grown emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

user image
Fardeen Kannan - Sep 07, 2023

This course touched my soul. I'm forever changed.

user image
Gulzar Binnani - Sep 07, 2023

This course was a beacon of emotional light; it guided me on my path to self-discovery.