Dr. Ashish Nagar NLP

NLP Master & Transformational Coach

Hi there! I’m Ashish Nagar 

A Dedication to personal excellence.

Ashish Nagar is a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Coach, previously a physical therapist by profession since 2001. He is working as a full time NLP Master coach since 2019.

As a physical therapist, he always dealt with physical problems of people with state-of-the-art therapies and worked mostly on psychosomatic problems and physical pain. His vast experience and inquisitive nature always made him inquire about the reasons behind the physical pains.

His research in the topic lead him to realize that there was a missing piece in physical treatment that was rather overlooked by medical profession.

Medically having all the tests normal and still displaying pain and constant discomfort, widely known as Illness, was his curiosity generating point about "The missing piece".

This brought him to study Psycho-somatic illness and thereby led him to find out an effective way to treat the "demons in the brain" causing these illnesses even with non-medical findings.

Neuro-linguistic programming is a science of dealing with your mental issues leading to physical ailments. As his research deepened he came across many authors working on holistic healing working on the Mind-body model of not only mastering the Health, but also helping people in all ease of life.

Vision - Mission


We are on a mission of making effective change in

lives of people without stress with ease by teaching

them application of principles of neurolinguistic

programming in their day to day life.


We envision an army of trained NLP coaches, who

help thousands of people apply NLP and

overcome their day to day struggles, on their way

from NLP Learning to Earning.

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