Mohtamim Raza

NPM Memory Trainer

Hi I am Mohtamim Raza

I am NPM Memory Trainer, Wellness Coach & NLP Expert.

I am working with individuals to boost their memory power and help them to learn inorder to recall information faster with lesser effort. I also help them to overcome stress, anxiety & depression. Being a master in coach, I teach and train NLP too. I have addressed more then 2000+ Students in educational institutions, Parents, Teachers, Trainers in last 5 years. 

My Purpose is to educate the society in health, wealth and building good relation and help students relieving the burden from studies.

My Specialty: I am willing to help the students and teachers to boost their memory 10x faster. I am willing to help the society towards wellness and extra income. Often Students are facing difficulties in memorizing, and being pressured by their parents and teachers expectations to rank higher.

I am committed to help the clients: Students, Teacher and society towards memory Boosting, Health and Wellness.

Achievement / Outcome: Self-satisfaction, Happiness, Able to become a smile generator. Without objection help Students, Parenting and society to help them recall information with less effort.

Vision - Mission


One day every child will feel burden free from studies and yet excel in their exams by applying my memory techniques and live their life to the fullest. 


I want kids to excel in exams with the use of existing brain power that they are having without hours of reading and repeating the things with my memory programs. Also my mission is to address all parents and teachers who are dealing with their children on day to day basis.

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