Nitin Sharma

NLP Personal Transformation Coach

Hi I am Nitin Sharma, NLP Personal Transformation Coach and Life Coach.

I am working with people to live with passion and to helps people make progress in their lives in order to attain greater fulfilment and improving their relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives . I also help people how to overcome stress, anxiety & depression. Being a master in coach, I teach and train NLP too. 

Purpose of becoming coach: I i am willing to help people get awareness, awake the inner power for well being and personal development.

My Specialty: I am willing to help the people to live with passion . I am willing to help the society towards wellness and abundance in wealth and prosperity. Often people are facing inner conflict in life , and being stressed by their negative thoughts , I remold the neuroplasticity of your brain to positive stimulation for good health , relationships and career .

I am committed to help the clients: Students, sports person, business man and society towards aware, Health and Wellness.

Vision - Mission


I envision a world where every human being has freedom from obscuring patterns and negative emotions and this world becomes an Elysium where people live a purposeful , passion and joyful life.


I am Nitin Sharma, I am NLP Personal Transformation Coach my mission is helping 10k people to living with passion with NLP Personal Transformation, Law of Attraction and Manifestation

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