Urvashi Mehta

NLP Forgiveness Coach

Hi there I am Urvashi Mehta , NLP Forgiveness Coach.

A former lecturer of primary teachers college until 2010. Where I was training and teaching teachers who we’re going to be teachers in primary schools. I have absolutely loved transforming students.

Currently I work as an analyst for pharmaceuticals, where I analyze product and medicine for its quality.

 I am a writer, huge reader, blogger, creative artists, counsellor,  fashion designer and absolutely amazing cook. 

I have learned a life all along, which has given me  values , high standards, success and spiritual values.

My deep love to observe human behaviour has brought me here on this level.

I have understood, experienced my life and have learned my lessons. The out come of my life experiences has made wonderful personal transformation  of myself with success. This transformation has given me my purpose of life.

I feel people. I understand people. I observe people. I feel people’s pain, misery and happiness. I have been there with those experiences in my life. Naturally i carry a beautiful intention of helping people and transforming their lives. 

I have designed courses with my personal life experiences where I have transformed my self with NLP life.

Vision - Mission


A complete transformation of people by power of forgiveness, power of intentions and design desired life with power of goals , purpose and successful life.

To reach people’s life to the next level across the world where People achieve health, wealth and happiness with the art and science of life and NLP.
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